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10 August 2016 - Published Reviews

Reviews published in LSE Review of Books and New Media & Society. With thanks to Nicole Shepherd for the former and Michal Piekarski for the latter.

4 July 2016 - DJ Times

The DJ/Artist Dave Dresden and I provide different (albeit rather similar) perspectives on the remix debate in this article published in DJ Times. The article, written by Kelly Kasulis, is titled "Copyright/Copyleft: An academic and a DJ/Artist Offer New Views on Existing Copyright Law," and it provides a nice introduction to the ins and outs of the debate about remix and intellectual property. According to Kasulis, "Gunkel traces the historical roots of the remix debate between the 'copyright' and the 'copyleft' with brainiac prose in his new book, Of Remixology: Ethics and Aesthetics After Remix.” "Brainiac prose?"....Why not, I'll take it as a compliment.

25 January 2016 - Amazon Review

The first Amazon.com review has been posted by Scott Stalcup. And what he has to say about the book is definitely an entertaining read in its own right: Of Remixology is "a fascinating study that what we think of as a contemporary phenomenon with the concern over copyright and intellectual property, as the walls that previous sheltered the recording and film industries shatter like balsa board airplanes wired with M-80s in the face of Sir Tim's Frankenstein Monster that is the Internet, have been ongoing concerns since the Classical Era."

26 December 2015 - In Stock & Ready to Ship

The book is now in stock at both The MIT Press and Amazon.com and ready to ship out to all destinations without delay. Exchange all the crap you got from Santa and parlay the cash into something you can really use.

24 November 2015 - Practice What You Preach

I have always felt a little uneasy about academics who write about and critique technology without actually having worked with the technology they write about. So before writing Of Remixology I felt a responsibility (a kind of Kantian "categorical imperative," in fact) to try my hand at the art form. This is the first "successful" experiment, a mashup of Nirvana's "Come as You Are" and Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lover's "Pablo Picasso." It is called Come as Picasso

28 October 2015 - Website

The official Of Remixology website is up and running. Let the "shameless self-promotion" begin in earnest. The site provides access to the typical material--author info, reviews, excerpts, purchasing options, etc. It is designed to be responsive, meaning that it should work and be legible on all devices and screens.

26 October 2015 - Book Trailer

You can judge a book by its cover. Check out the recently completed book trailer. The video was shot and edited by Jennifer Howard of NIU eLearning Services from a script that mashes up the "In a World" movie preview with the shock-and-awe of investigative TV journalism and some of the more annoying elements of political advertising in the US.